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NEW KISS STAGE SHOW Okay, kids. Here she is. This is in the afternoon rehearsal, A few hours before our first show at Stockholm's FRIENDS STADIUM. If you were One of the 40,000 people there, you would know that the spider monster does not simply stay up there and just look pretty. A few months ago, we were sitting around and Paul Drew what eventually became this, on a piece of paper. Kudos to all involved including Robert Long and the crew for putting this amazing stage show together in such a short amount of time. My good-looking son Nick is out here with us and we are all having a ball. A band is approaching its 40th year anniversary this New Year's Eve and we do not intend to coast. We intend to go into overdrive. This is just the beginning.
Here's "Deuce" at the Sweden Rock Fest we headlined = 50,000 fans.