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So I went up to Saskatoon, Saskatchwan, Canada with Shannon -- where she spoke to 1,000 women -- sold out.
Anyway, I stop off at Tweed Lane, a street named after Shannon, and headed off to Grandma Louise's home, where niece Kyla had a baby shower.
The Tweed clan is all there having a wonderful time. And joking. And eating.
And then Shannon takes me upstairs and I see TWO small dogs.
Shannon went to visit the ASPCA and.... fell in love with TWO dogs and... took 'em with her.
She gave one away to family.
The other one? She decided to bring it home. Only one problem. We were going from Saskatoon to New York and then to Zambia, Africa (!!!) with our TV show.
So, last minute we had to find a dog babysitter in New York to hold on to it until we got back.
And then take it back with us to LA... Where there are four other dogs waiting (Snippy, Lucky, Darby and Squirrel) -- not counting Jet, which Sophie bought as a companion to Angus, a 120 pound Alaskan Malamute, which poops horse size presents.
Plus two cats, including Chairman Meow.
It's Animal House, folks.
So, here is the little knucklehead on the floor of the NY hotel.
We need a name for it.

Here's "Deuce" at the Sweden Rock Fest we headlined = 50,000 fans.