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Going so far out of my comfort zone tomorrow morning. I'm bringing in a College University film student to shoot a 60 Minutes type segment for an idea I had for Mother's Day. My dad is on the board of a drug rehab facility called Portage- they are doing incredible work in the arena of addiction. Portage also has a Mother-Child separate facility where drug addicted mothers can live with their babies, and where newborns who are born drug addicted (tragic) can safely undergo drug withdrawal and not be separated from their mother. I will walk through the halls and speak to these drug and alcohol addicted mothers and hear their stories. I will also talk to the facilitators who run Portage and ask them about what makes them so successful at what they do.

I am spotlighting this organization and the Mother-Child facility in honor of Mothers Day and will publish the video on and

I am so nervous, and very eager to hear the stories and showcase Portage's work in this arena. Hoping I do a good enough job to do their organization justice.

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