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This message was received two days ago from Miss D'Errico, who is on Mt. Ararat in Turkey right now, and is being posted here on her behalf:
"Early this morning I was awakened by one of our Kurdish guides saying that we had to leave the mountain immediately because there was trouble with the PKK and the Turkish Military on the mountain and that we were in serious danger. Then I got a call from our main Kurdish guide saying to stay where we are and that there was no problem. The two guides spoke back and forth a while, then it was decided that we would stay for another couple hours here at our high camp, then go down to base camp, then tonight our main guide will meet us there. We are going to try to go to (***this section has been removed for Miss D'Errico's safety***) to get a different view of (***this section has been removed for Miss D'Errico's safety***). I think we should be ok. But please pray for us. I love you all. This is my dream.


It never rains in Southern California...