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Still looking for the right illustrator for an easy children's book spec gig ASAP. EMAIL for details! Feel free to pass this along! Thank u!
PS Spec means NO upfront pay but could payoff REALLY well when it hits market!Hi!

This is a holiday book involving a family spiders targeting children ages 4-8. It will involve approx 30 illustrations - initially NOT that many will be needed (only a few). We are requesting that 1 to 3 samples of artwork that relates to a style you would prefer for this project be sent to ASAP. We are making final decisions EARLY next week. Of course it can be pre-existing artwork just to give us an idea of what you do, or IF you prefer, you can use this excerpt for a specific piece:
Every morning, little Eleanor (spider) would wake up, stretch her little eight legs, drop down from her little web bed and start her day with a little breakfast made by her mother. Today’s menu? ‘Mosquito Benedict’ and a nice glass of fly juice.
“This breakfast is so yummy!” said Eleanor.
“Thank you sweetheart, it’s just what landed overnight. Now finish up and get going you don’t want to miss the CenteBus.”
Eleanor gulped down her last bite and drank her juice. She swung below, not wanting to be late for school.
(PAGE 4R: Elenore hanging by her silk at the floor of the old warehouse. A cute centipede that acts and looks like a bus waits for her filled with other little assorted bug kids.)

We will respond to ALL submissions, again time is very important here.
Thank you again and we really appreciate your interest!

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