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For the record, @RachelFederoff & I were not 'assistants' - I ran a multi-million dollar company and was a fantastic matchmaker and Rachel was VP of Matchmaking. There's nothing wrong with being an assistant, but we worked very hard to get to where we were with Patti and the show - and the frustrating public perception that we didn't do so many many things with her, the company, the clients and the show is now amplified by a false statement that we were 'assistants' in tonight's episode. Ugh. Whatever. Ok moving on- here's to new film and tv endeavors and @DNRBrands ! We wish Patti and the show much success! We love you friends, family and FANS! Please show your support via twitter and Facebook and any social networking - we love hearing from you ! And yes, we left by choice to pursue new endeavors.

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