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You know what? When I was 17 I was obsessed with sticking out my tongue provocatively in pictures and wearing revealing clothes when I could get away with it and all kinds of other "frowned upon" things. If I had the forum Miley does at that age, I would've done some crazy shit, too. So, for those of you too young to know it-- that's a normal phase (amplified x 1000 because of the media and the careless freedoms given to young stars who are surrounded by people too afraid to teach many of them the valuable lesson of self-control). "Normal" doesn't mean you can't still hurt yourself by following the misguided examples of other young, still-maturing people. It does mean however, that those of us who ARE old enough to know it really ought to remember how badly we wanted to be seen and heard in our teens/20s, and wouldn't it have been nice if everyone had just backed the f&ck off and had a little compassion instead of judging us because THEY forgot what it was like?! #EndRant #JustLeaveHerAloneShe'llGrowUpLater

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