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A friend of mine posted this poem today. I love it:

late fall to do list

no more anger at the issue
no clothes for the event
no time for the present
no fresh vegetables
i sing in my house aloud
i remember when things were more polite
the neighbor mowed our lawn when mom died no charge
a young woman shoots me a dirty look
i smile back as i was raised to
"when in doubt lower your standards"
said my much older friend
note: demand the lab results
note: the cheap wine is actually dryer
note :perhaps she never loved you
put a bounce in your step
the ringing in your ears is coffee
stop apologizing in aisles and doorways
the dark has light in it
we will meet the ones we lost
we have chosen our feelings
there is only one prescription
it is a placebo

Aaaaaaaaaaand… SUCCESS!