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@melodymamba Sometimes I miss having more muscle, it took YEARS of focused lifting to get there. I do not miss the stage or TANNING. IFBB Figure pro in 2008. Since I don't compete anymore, I cut back on my overall protein intake and how OFTEN I need to lift heavy - I still lift somewhat heavy (butt needs it!) but nowhere near as often as I did when I was in the midst of my pro card chase. That was 11+ years ago right there - believe it or not!??? I love the gym but the constant spray tanning for shows, appearances and magazine shoots (darker skin tends to make you look 'leaner' more 'ripped') -- I chucked that practice with a quickness. Now I just make do with bronzers and lotions to even out and add depth to my original skin tone.
I'm older now and I'm AOK with just living healthy and keeping fit for this phase of my life and watching others have fun with the stage ;) --
Thank you by the way!!! <3 :-D

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