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Dragon Con Guest Blog: Mike & Christy Proposal: Thinking back on everything leading up to the proposal, I realize how close it was to not happening. I was really blessed to have everything fall into place just so perfectly. I tried to get the ring weeks in advance, but really wanted to get if from a friend of Christy’s and mine, who is a manager at Shane Co. jewelers. Finally our friend agreed to come in on her day off, which was the Friday of Dragon*Con, which gave me a very small window to pick the ring and have the diamond set without Christy finding out where I was. I was perfectly calm until the ring was finished. At that point I began to feel the full gravity of the situation. Keeping it a secret until Sunday wasn’t too terrible though once I got to Dragon*Con. Between getting a sketch from George Perez, attending a panel with Chad Vader, and Christy entering the Comic Book Babes Costume Contest, I had plenty to keep me busy til that final hour. I did however start to get nervous, when the Fantastic Four Annual 3 I ordered, for Stan to break the news to Christy with, didn’t come in the mail until Saturday. However, once it did it was a huge sigh of relief. After having both the ring and the comic, I still had to get my ticket to see Stan, which I did on Saturday. I filled in the nice lady selling tickets on my plan, and she informed me that since Stan was such a busy guy, and that chances were slim. But she said if I waited and tried to ask him while it was slow, that I would have a better chance of him helping me. So when it seemed the line had dropped down I started in. The lady remembered me from the day before, and told me to let Max know that I was there. Max pulled me aside and checked the details. What came next was way more than I had expected. Max took the comic to Stan, and had him sign it and personally bring it over to Christy. While she was trying to read it I took the opportunity to propose. I have to say at this point, even though I knew she wanted me to propose to her, I became quite nervous since her first words were: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I was however relieved when she did finally stop crying, and say yes. I was also so happy to see everyone with their cameras out, and that they were very happy with the proposal as well! I felt very accomplished, since this is pretty much how I always wanted that moment to take place, but never dreamed that it would. (Christy's part) In the days before the proposal, I had absolutely NO idea what Michael was up to, zero. I was thinking about how excited I was to be leaving work early on Friday, about dressing up in two different costumes that I worked hard to prepare, and sleeping it off all day Monday. I felt like I spent a lot of time with Michael that weekend, so I never noticed any odd behavior like he might be preparing a surprise for me or anything, so I didn't expect anything. On Sunday, we did everything according to plan, met at MARTA to head over to Dragon*Con, I had my Catwoman costume on, and we immediately went to the Hilton. I agreed that we needed to be there early, to get Michael's autograph with Stan Lee, so I didn't eat much for breakfast and was pretty hungry by 11:00 am. So while Michael waited in the autograph line, I grabbed us some chicken fingers and brought them over to him. All of a sudden, he jumped up and said something like, "the line is short, so we've gotta go!" We walked over and were ushered into the signing room, where Michael suddenly seemed really nervous. I was becoming more and more annoyed with him, because it felt like he was ordering me around, come over here, do this, do that. He looked at me and asked please not to be mad at him and that he was sorry, that being around Stan just makes him nervous. Michael then was approached by a guy named Max, who started walking him back outside, and I wanted to follow. Then Michael motioned at me to stay, and I was offended even more, wondering why I was being left out. Finally, Michael and Max came back over, and Max took the comic we wanted signed over to Stan Lee. Stan signed it, and then to my surprise actually got up from his table, and brought it over and handed it to me. I stood there stunned, looking down at the comic confused. Stan smiled real wide and said, "I hope you can read it!" I looked at him confused this time, and just as I was about to ask Michael what was going on, Michael got down on one knee in front of me, (I was still dressed in full Catwoman garb, mind you!) and said, "Christine, will you marry me?" Michael sounded like he was about to cry as he said it, and I was still just trying to wrap my head around the whole situation. It all happened so fast, I was bewildered and kept saying, "What are you DOING? What are you doing?" I started to cry very hard, and reached out to him, and I remember him saying to me, "Aren't you going to say something ELSE??" To which I replied, "OH!.....Yes!!" Then he put the ring on my finger, and to my surprise also, Stan Lee hugged us both, and said congratulations. I was thrilled and honored that everyone working with him wanted to take our picture, and were so happy for us. I really didn't know what we were doing next, but was just so excited and confused, and still trying to stop tearing up. I am usually very good at figuring out surprises before people are able to give them to me, but Michael hid everything from me so well! I really never had a clue! It was incredibly romantic and thoughtful, I felt like a princess and that I was so lucky to have found such a fantastic man to share my life with. A huge thank you goes out to Stan Lee, and everyone helping him, we couldn't have done it without you! And an even bigger thanks goes to Michael Morris, my fiancee who dreamed up something so wonderful just for me.
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