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Seeing these images makes my blood boil all over again. $4 billion in fines may seem like a lot, but it's still less than BP made after those 11 men were killed. While our ocean burned, animals died, and our critical and fragile ecosystems were decimated. Families and livelihoods destroyed. Let this massive fine be a lesson to companies that believe they can murder and pillage and destroy everything in their path for profit. YOU CAN NOT. We will not sit silent. We will not allow you to take and take and take. I only wish, for those men, those affected on the shores, and the creatures affected in the sea, that this lesson had been learned sooner. Never stop demanding justice. Never. #UseYourVoice #CleanEnergyNow #BP

What an epic day with @PencilsOfPromis. The joy that school brings to these kid…