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Okay OTH peeps. It's no secret that B. Davis rocks. And that @iamthatgirl rocks. Want to own one of a kind pieces of BDavis, and support chicks who rock around the world!? Well, @Closets4Causes and I have partnered up to do just that. When OTH wrapped, I knew that Brooke Davis, her humor, and her passion for her girlfriends, would always be a part of me. So I lovingly combed years of Brooke's stuff, putting together some massive boxes to bring home, so that I could spend some time pondering how to make her legacy mean something for women. Brooke was a champion of women. And an example of the kind of woman who never gives up, and who always stands up for the people in her life. I'm honored to have played her. I'm lucky to have loved her. And I am thrilled to share her with all of you. Check out the links, remember our history. You'll find pieces of her wardrobe from many episodes. And since fashion was so important to her, and is so important to me, I've also included many pieces that I've been photographed in over the years. Items from events and photoshoots! I'm hoping to turn our pretty things into bright futures for girls everywhere. Talk about #FashionWithPurpose

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