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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jan 25, 2012


Starring in the Disney Channel’s Original Series “Lab Rats” premiering February 27th, Spencer Boldman is undeniably a hot rising star. This teenage heartthrob plays “Adam,” a 16-year-old with bionic strength, who is accidently discovered in a secret laboratory by a teenager named
Leo (played by Tyrel Jackson Williams). Eager to leave their confines, Adam and his 2 bionic
siblings (played by Billy Unger and Kelli Berglund) convince Leo to take them with him to high
school so they can lead a “normal life.” The live-action comedy follows the group trying to keep
their bionic abilities and dangerous missions a secret from the world.

In addition to his work on the small screen, Boldman was handpicked by Jonah Hill to star in
the upcoming movie 21 JUMP STREET alongside Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum. In 21
JUMP STREET, Boldman plays “French Samuels,” the handsome and popular high school jock
who all the girls adore and always lands the leading roles but unexpectedly gets beat out by
Jonah Hill for the part of Peter Pan in the school play. Having to improvise and keep up with
industry greats Jonah Hill and SNL’s Chris Parnell, Boldman has proved that he not only has
killer looks but serious acting chops.

The Texan native and a self-proclaimed movie buff, Boldman made the decision to become
an actor at 7 years old after being inspired by “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE”. In school, Boldman
performed in several school and community plays including “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”
and “Grease”. Boldman was then introduced to his current manager where he shortly began to
book roles on a number of hit television shows like “iCarly” and “I’m in the Band”. Less than a
year after booking his first role, Boldman filmed his first pilot with Disney Channel.

When not acting, Spencer enjoys outdoor activities such as lacrosse, snowboarding and
hiking. Spencer has also been a lifelong donor and supporter of Doctors Without Borders, an
international medical humanitarian organization working in more than 60 countries to assist
people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe.

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