ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jan 26, 2012
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Back in Boms, I miss new york, am properly jet lagged and tomorrow im off to Mysore for m…

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Woo hoo!! Its herrrrre! Tu hi toh hai from #Holiday!! Have a look at me being such a boy, takes me back to my school days !!! http://youtu.be/TyZDyd9FBBE


Rio 2 is out today!!! Catch Imran as Blu and me as Jewel in the hindi version :) a fun treat for the entire family!


The kids of the Smile Foundation never fail to put the BIGGEST smile on my face :) thank u for making the Rio2 screening extra special!


Other great news from the animal kingdom!! The HC has given the order to free Sunder the …


Look!! Its Pedro, Jewel and Nico again!! #Rio2 #apr11

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