ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 22, 2011
BORN: July 23, 1965
BIRTHPLACE: London, England
HEIGHT: 5'10"
Significant Other: Perla Ferrar
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1st day of rehearsal was awesome. 11 new songs ready to go. Great to see the guys. Can't …

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If you're n Atlanta, u have to go to @HauntedAtlanta it is literally the coolest scariest creepiest haunted house will ever visit. iiii]; )'


Nothing Left to Fear

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Nothing Left To Fear available on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital In all Aussie territories. iiii…

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Pretty incredible day in Sydney. iiii]; )'


Practicing for the performance at @NRL Grand Finals at ANZ Stadium. Going to be seriously intense here tomorrow. #NRLGF iiii]; )'

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