ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 11, 2011
BORN: July 24, 1989
BIRTHPLACE: Miamisburg, Ohio
HEIGHT: 5'2"
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Wishing my dad a VERY Happy Birthday today! Without you...my passion wouldn't exist. Thank you for teaching me so much by example. Hard work, persistence, optimism, BELIEF. Wish I could spend the day with you today but will be seeing you soon. Love you!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! W/out you...I'd be nowhere. Thank you for always believing in me! LOVE YOU @Tim_Tosh #RT #RT


The Indy 500 is quickly approaching!!! There is some awesome stuff on eBay that I've collected. Check it out! #FollowItFindIt #Ebay #Collections #ad http://www.ebay.com/cln/shannonmac-2013/Indy-500/57057718018


Slug Bug, You're It! Remember that game? Here's another one of my collections on eBay. Ch…

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How could you not miss the 80's? I had to reminisce a bit on my blog and talk about the cool finds I put into my 80's Collection on eBay. Let me know what you think and don't forget...you can create your own collections on eBay too. #FollowItFindIt


It's dirt racing season....I love Eldora so I created a collection on @eBay! …

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