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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 28, 2012


First of all a bit about myself

I was born 1987 in Michigan to a German mother and an American father. I have two brothers and one sister. My nick name in school was ‘big head Seb’ because I had a big head. We moved because of my dads work as a ford engineer first to Germany for a year and a half, then Essex, then the midlands in England. I've been in England 12 years now, have gone to various schools, and played various sports including basketball, hacky sack and wrestling. I did ok in school, college, and university in Sheffield. I have worked in various jobs for the last 12 years, mostly as a chef but also in warehouses, call centres and bars. I'm now living in Leamington Spa with my girlfriend Rozie and modelling full time all over the world, as well as working on a few pet projects.

How it happened

I went travelling with my girlfriend before university around America and Central America, and when I was in LA I met a guy called Scott Pollicino, who was staying in the same hostel as us. He asked if I ever thought about being a model. I said that that was crazy talk, only my Mom thinks that! He said that he thought I had a good chance and got me into a casting through some friends of his in NYC, with an agency called Ford in LA. They offered me a contract I had to turn down because of University in England starting a few days later. Through their recommendation, I went to Premier in London and then it all began...
I never thought I could be a model because I didn’t look like a skinny, pasty pale child like the ones I saw. I did think I could do it better than them though. Now that I am a model I’m going to try and do it the way I always thought Id like it to be done. Basically be healthy and enjoy my job, not taking it too seriously but being professional.

The job

My first shoot was for Attitude magazine and was on a roof in the middle of London, and dozens of people could see me so there was no room for feeling uncomfortable. Yeah I was scared and felt a little weird but just because there were people that wanted to take pictures of me and put it in a magazine. I bit the bullet, made the effort and it all paid off. I still get nervous every time!

My career highlights so far are Attitude for my first job, Calvin Klein for my first runway, Stone Island for my first Campaign, L'Official cover for my big break, Zara for being my biggest money maker, going to NYC because it's awesome and coming home because my friends pat my back for my success.
There's nothing I wouldn't do again. Even ones that meant nothing and weren't fun are still progress. Plus you never know who'll see it, like it and book you for something new.
I’d like to work with every designer, stylist, and photographer out there. The more work the merrier in my eyes.

In my free, free time, outside of modelling, work, studies, appointments, business ventures and work? I sleep. Lots, watch TV, play games, go out with friends and eat my face off! In life I want to go everywhere do everything!
From Taiwan, to the Congo to the Amazon. Sky diving, Monkey taming, white water river rafting, ninja fighting, acting, etc. I figure I'll never know where is the best place and what's the most fun till I've done everything.

I do like fashion but I don't like spending money. So I normally shop discount or charity shops. I've got a chequered pair of Gucci pants as a present from my internship that I love. My favourite clothes are my XXXL sweat pants and my XXXXL hockey jersey. Maximum comfort around the house!

This website was created for friends and fans, and to feed the blogs, which is one of the most important factors. They are the ones who spread my face around the world.
I’ve got loads of future plans. Some are secret (a super cool website and an app) some are in progress (Odda magazine-I'm the creative director). I plan on doing another internship when I move to NYC in marketing. I want to set up some businesses, buy some property and then retire to set up a hostel with a bar and restaurant. Lots to do. Never in an office. I have an idea for a TV show too. Let's see if I can make it happen.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading all the crap I wrote about my life.

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