ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 3, 2013
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One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter...like I'm sorry I made a mistake. A conversation we should all have. #ferguson #beintheknow #justathought #aconversation #bebetter


Good leaders are good listeners. Effective listening helps to resolve conflicts, build trust, inspire people, and strengthen teams. It often requires you to “bite your tongue,” and, from my personal experience, I know that it can be hard work. I also know that the results are worth the effort. #beintheknow #bebetter #listen #learn #love #smile #saythankyou


Thank you @nflplayerengage for helping @bye_bully bring awareness to this epidemic in our country! @brendon310 @kingsofcole @ernolaszlonyc #beintheknow #byehater #byebully #kingsofcause


I was so proud to have these two men @brendon310 @mrdfaulkner with me at the "Kings of Cause" event this past Thursday. Not only do they consistently show their support for Be In The Know, but they have each made a commitment to help others through their advocacy and philanthropy. The sense of loyalty and strong moral compass that they possess make it so easy to both trust and love them as friends as well as colleagues. They stood behind this cause from day one- not because of what it could do for them, but because of what they could do for it- that is who they are. As athletes we understand that you cannot make a play- can't score a touchdown, if you are not on the field. No one can make an impact standing on the sidelines being a bystander. If you want to make change you must get in the game-you must act! So my IG family, I ask you- How will you act to be a game changer? #beintheknow #byehater #byebully #kingsofcole #ernolaszlonyc


I saw someone in a navy blue suit today - someone who knew how to wear it, and it reminded me of one I used to wear. It's cool when you see someone rocking something you use to, and paying as much attention to the details as you did. #details #matter #bespoke #RalphLauren #purplelabel #love #smile #saythankyou


U.S. Sen. Cory Booker gave 81% of his income away in 2013, he took home $540,341 in total last year and gave $440,000 of it -- in cash, property and stock -- to charity, a Stanford University graduate...He would later become a Rhodes scholar studying at Oxford University and continue on to Yale law. He is 4th African American ever in the U.S senate! Congrats frat! @CoryBooker #studentathlete kappaalphapsi #corybooker #stanford #beintheknow #smile #saythankyou

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