ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 3, 2011
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What a glorious day outside in LA today. Reading all of your incredible Tweets of support!! Wow - #breastcancer has affected way too many.


Nothing like a little girlie nail salon with our 3-yr-old playing manicurist! Makes EVERYTHING worthwhile! #momFirst


Thk u all who have shared your personal #cancer stories w/me. So inspiring & life affirmi…

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Just spoke to the Honolulu fire captain as I ran past him on my jog. He said the waters are safe to swim in after the threat of a #tsunami.


Killer #run today in #Hawaii. Victorious #workout trying #Tabata version (20 secs all out/10 secs active recovery). 37 mins + another 35 walking.


Join @dosomething & @feedingamerica and collect peanut butter for your local food bank: …