ON WHOSAY SINCE: Oct 30, 2012
BORN: September 16
BIRTHPLACE: Orange County, CA
More About Me

Getting work done!!! #weddingplanner #carlystreetphotographer #igotyougirl


FBF to a magical day on the set of The Cheetah Girls One World!! #gorgeousday @Glamour_Pet @kielywilliams


TBT to The Cheetah Girls first performance! 🌟Fun fact....it was choreographed by a college friend @sir_twitch_alot 🌟 #oneofavoritefunfacts


Sometimes @kielywilliams @Glamour_Pet and @spowered say I wear my sunglasses too low....I don't know what she's talking about 🙈🙊 lol #sunglassesfail #squishednostrils #dyinglaughing


Asking for prayers for @MelissaWiechmnn @melllmelw88 mom!! Please take a moment to send loving thoughts to her mom who is in the hospital. Mel and her family could really use the strength from all of you! Thank you guys for always supporting me and those close to my heart! Xo


Who's ready for the Season 10 Finale tonight??? So excited! All three couples were in fire last night! @dancingabc @DancingABC Who do you think is going to take home that Golden Mirrorball?

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