ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 8, 2012
BORN: January 21, 1974
BIRTHPLACE: Perth, Western Australia
Significant Other: Tasma Walton
More About Me

For me, and millions of other performers, comedians, hosts and even people who just love television, there was only one guy of this generation. He did it with class, wit, fun, smarts and a healthy sprinkle of grumpiness that made us all feel we knew him or certainly wished he knew us. With his exit comes the definitive end of an era. Forget the hashtags: thanks, Dave.


Safe to say I'll be drinking a toast in this later tonight. #ThanksDave


No relation.


Big Bird. Tiny Rove. I'll tell you how to get to #SesameStreet tonight on The Project, Aussies.


Yeah, so stay out all you rats who can read signs!


I feel for Joey. With his surname, that medical degree he'd hoped for was really only ever a pipe-dream.

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