ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 7, 2012
BORN: January 21, 1974
BIRTHPLACE: Perth, Western Australia
Significant Other: Tasma Walton
More About Me

Getting the t-shirt seal of approval from Todd Sampson is a big deal around these parts. #theprojecttv #dalek


Thanks to Hamish and Andy for allowing me to make the hour as happy as I could. Feedback on giraffe noises appreciated.


You'd be surprised at how much time Eddie Izzard and I spend in hallways taking selfies.


On The Project tonight: Eddie Izzard, Taylor Swift, Russel Howcroft, Mia Freedman plus a Pete and Carrie double photobomb


Great to have the legend that is John Farnham on last night's The Project. It even made Steve Price smile! #thevoice #understandit


Back on deck at The Project tonight with Carrie (plus one) and Pete - and live in studio: FARNSEY!

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