ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 8, 2012
BORN: January 21, 1974
BIRTHPLACE: Perth, Western Australia
Significant Other: Tasma Walton
More About Me



There seems to be so much argument over #thedress that I fear someone is going to be beat…


I like these café owners.


Is there anything sadder - or more terrifying - than a discarded googly craft eye looking up at you from the ground?


Happy 100th birthday to my amazingly wonderful Grandma. She got letters from the Pope, the Queen and the PM. Now I feel bad I only got her that iTunes voucher. Nevertheless, I adore her and am so happy she stayed around long enough to see the rise of social media, viral cat videos and emojis. 🎂🎉👵


Watching a mother dolphin teach her baby how to fish. I'm picking up some useful tips that will really come in handy. Once I have a blowhole.

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