ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 7, 2012
BORN: January 21, 1974
BIRTHPLACE: Perth, Western Australia
Significant Other: Tasma Walton
More About Me

Strolling into my niece's first birthday with these gave me an added confident swagger. This may just be the sugar talking.


I just hope Justin Timberlake has something to fall back on in case this whole "handsome and charismatic all-round performer and entertainer" thing doesn't work out for him. What a show. #20/20experience


Just gave my name for my Starbucks order as 'Joffrey'. Now I'm worried they'll put someth…

+ 1 more text post


This is happening! #strawberryquick


I would let a pick pocket take my wallet if they were as cheery in real life as in the mo…


Either this means the show goes to air as is or entering the studio means you don't get murdered, I'm still not sure which. #theprojecttv

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