ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 9, 2012
BORN: November 18
HEIGHT: 5'9"
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I believe this post requires an explanation. The effects you are seeing were happening in real time. My outfit: We spent the day on the beaches of #Culebra. After watching the sunset, my shorts would not dry. Wet and sandy, I stripped down to underwear and a towel, which I wore to to ZacosTacos. Three drinks later we found ourselves singing Karaoke at the #Sandbar. Music: Within moments @BrendaVivian and I had taken over the entire Karaoke station. I chose "Come Sail Away" by STYX, which was a song I found on an eight track back when I was in junior high. I didn't even have an 8 track player back then, but my dad had one in his car. I'd sit in his Oldsmobile playing "Come Sail Away" over and over. It never got old to me. Fast forward 32 years, and here I was, singing my heart out to this very song. In that moment it occurred to me, "Come Sail Away" had become a metaphor for my life. I am living the lyrics of this rock classic. I am untethered, free of debt and social obligation. I go to work just like the next man, but I love what I do! I face rejection and heartache just like the next man, but it doesn't discourage me, it educates and inspires me. I've experienced so much loss in the last decade. I've cried, I've mourned and I've pondered, but it has only made me wiser, more grateful for my family, friends and my art. Am I weird? If measured by worldly standards, the answer is, "hell yes!" But I love being different. Honoring my uniqueness has been so liberating. Think about it. A kid of Caribbean decent, in #BaytownTexas making his friends climb into his dad's Oldsmobile to hear "Come Sail Away" by STYX! Weird? It's who I've always been. I was lucky to have never been stripped of that which makes me unique. Maybe I'm a bit emotional right now, considering I've just wrapped the most challenging job of my career (#MadDogs), and operating on very little sleep. Or maybe I'm experiencing the male version of spotting. But #PuertoRico has been so good to me. I love it here. Feels like home, though the time for me to sail on has come. Thank you #PuertoRico for the beautiful people, the wonderful outings and accepting me for me. Being here has helped me to identify aspects of myself that had been long forgotten. For that, I am eternally grateful. #Culebra, siempre.


Certain people make me wonder if earth is just a rolled up ball of fly paper. #PrisonLogic

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