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BORN: July 15, 1987
ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 4, 2012
HOMETOWN: Buenos Aires


Roger is the most successful Disney Channel star in Latin America. This mexican artist began his career at the age of 11.

He is now the host of the successful TV show Zapping Zone, and has worked on radio, films and theatre. He was one of the “Hottest Guys” in the show biz in the list published by the famous magazine Seventeen.

Roger has worked with other DC stars such as Miley Cirus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Jonas Brothers. In 2010 he was on tour with his band HIGHWAY under the label Disney Records, opening the Jonas Brother’s Latin American tour in several countries. His record is leading the charts in Latin America.

Also nominated in the category of Best Actor in the Kids Choice Awards 2011, he worked in the broadway musical “Beauty and the Beast”, acclaimed by the critics and praised by the public. Roger plays Terence in the Tinkerbell movies and has the leading role in the most successful Disney Channel Original series so far “Highway: Rodando la Aventura”.

Roger currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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