ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 3, 2012
BORN: February 12, 1990
BIRTHPLACE: Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
HEIGHT: 6'2"
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So Excited for the first @BUFootball game in @McLaneStadium today!!!! #SicEm

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Never forget where you come from! Cove High, these bad boys are on their way to you right now! Hope y'all love em!!!


Washington Redskins

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Blessed to have another day #GoCatchYourDream

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Blessed to have another day #GoCatchYourDream

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Remember that on your journey there will be haters and doubters on their journeys too... Their judgement is not your own. But, "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, & add what is specifically your own.”-Bruce Lee Because not everyone will believe in you. Not everyone will like you. There will always be hate & doubt... Don't let it stop you from flying #GoCatchYourDream #KnowYourWhy

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