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HEIGHT: 5'10"
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 12, 2014
HOMETOWN: Charleston

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  • I started down this road interested in Puppetry, but moved to Costuming and Make up because I wanted to be my favorite characters from films
  • I have had many jobs, including teacher, waiter, retail, office clerk, and even lifeguard
  • I grew up as an Eastern Orthodox Christian. It's that upbringing and faith that pushes me to do my best always
  • I love dogs, Chinese food, roller coasters, surfing, sushi, convertibles, and working from home - pants are optional ;D
  • I was bullied quite a bit as a kid (big shocker lol)


Rj Haddy is a television personality, actor, creature fabricator and special effects makeup artist. A native of Charleston, WV, Rj’s friends and family always knew that he would one day be recognized for his creative flair, along with his extroverted, humorous, and down-to-earth personality. While attending Charleston’s Capital High School (a Performance Art Magnet school) Rj began to combine his love of creation and performance which naturally gravitated to Puppeteering and creature fabrication. During his early years, Rj was heavily influenced by Star Wars, Dark Crystal, Little Shop of Horrors, Labyrinth and the films of Tim Burton.

Eventually Rj moved to Hollywood where he attended The Joe Blasco Makeup Artist Training Center and immediately began working for Alterian Studios Inc. under world-class special effects Artist, Tony Gardner. During this time, Rj worked on several big-budget movies such as BATMAN AND ROBIN, THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, and CONTACT. Rj also had a brief association with ADI during the filming of BEDAZZLED and 6th DAY. In addition to his work in the motion picture industry, Rj also created the Department of Film, Television and Multimedia Arts and Sciences for his alma mater, Capital High School. For eight years, under Rj’s direction and hands-on teaching, Capital High has offered courses in TV production, writing and performance for the camera, special effects, web and application design and filmmaking courses.

Until 2011, Rj was living a quiet life as a teacher, but he always yearned to get back into the professional circuit. Then the Syfy Channel series FACE OFF premiered and Rj submitted his audition packet for Season 2. To his surprise Rj was called for an audition. From there he was selected as part of the San Diego Comic Con 2011 Face Off Challenge where he competed for the final spot on the show with two other would be contestants. Rj was selected for Season 2 where his creative designs and attention to detail propelled him all the way to the final challenge. As a contestant, Rj quickly established himself as the fan favorite and his Tim Burton inspired Bell Hop is still rated one of the top creations of all seasons. In 2013, Syfy brought Rj was back for Faceoff Season 5 which pitted fan favorites from the previous four seasons against a team of new contestants. Syfy also featured Rj in its original TV special, Foxy & Co.

These days, Rj is a sought after celebrity for conventions and trade shows where he conducts seminars and classes on special effects makeup application and creature fabrication. Rj is also the owner of Radfx which features his own line of airbrushes called The Shadow line. Plus he is currently in pre production for his feature-length directorial debut, in a film he's written and also intends to star in, "The Family Business" All of which keeps Rj a very busy fellow!

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