ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 22, 2014

Yesterday someone asked me- 'What would I tell my 16yr old self?' My answer was: Nothing. Just stay on the path the Lord has planned. I meant that in the most non-egotistical way. At that age, I saw visions of my present life. I believed in myself, even in moments of life's defeats. I set my mind out to achieve the life I have been blessed to live daily. Today I'm still chasing that master version of myself. I have came a long way from that kid in 8yrs ago. I also know there is still more to achieve. #DBA #ExceedExpectations


|| 2-stars to Pro Bowl || NEVER EVER let someone's opinion define who you know you can be. #DBA


Lord I Give It All To You! Thank You for Your Grace. Let Your Will Be Done In My Life


Tribute to a Legendary Game Changer! RIP Stuart Scott


Ended Movember the best way I knew how...


Congrats to my HS Coach Gary Rankin on his 369 win last night becoming the ALL-TIME winningest coach in TN HS football history! #Dynasty

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