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BORN: October 16, 1984
HEIGHT: 5'7"
Significant Other: Brendon Villegas
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 4, 2014

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  • My shelter rescue Benz is a Rottweiler mix
  • I traveled with the Renaissance Festival
  • I have a collection of super nintendo games for the original SNES
  • I am an artist, painting multiple types of canvases
  • I have a degree in Chemistry


Rachel E Reilly is television personality, actress, and host. Rachel grew up in North Carolina, where from a young age she showed a passion for the preforming arts, staring in school and local theater. One of her first acting gigs was as a traveling performer with a Renaissance Festival. While working as a chemist, cocktail waitress, and model in Las Vegas Rachel auditioned for one of her favorite game shows, Big Brother.

As a contestant on Big Brother she met and fell in love with her husband, Brendon Villegas. Although neither won their first season, they competed on the shows 13th installment, which Reilly won. Lovingly named by fans “Brenchel”, the couple competed on the 20th installment of Amazing Race finishing 3rd. In 2012 their wedding special aired on WETv. They are again competing on Amazing Race, All Star Fan Favorite edition.

In edition to competing on reality TV, Reilly has been a guest presenter on The Price is Right, a host on Entertainment Tonight Canada, and is a reoccurring guest star on The Bold & The Beautiful. Currently, Rachel shares her expertise of reality TV, as co host and commentator of her own show on Bite Size TV, Reality Relapse.

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