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BORN: June 9
HEIGHT: 5'3"
Significant Other: Phil Spector
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 22, 2013
HOMETOWN: Beaver Falls, PA


Rachelle Spector has always been an ambitious woman. She earned a music scholarship to Lenoir-Rhyne College in North Carolina where she studied international business, French and music. Her passion for singing burned bright and she eventually began performing at local clubs and singing the national anthem at sporting events.

In 2001, with $150 in her pocket, she packed her car and set out solo cross-country in pursuit of her dreams. The former Rachelle Short arrived in Los Angeles from Beaver Falls, Penn., a rural community an hour from Pittsburgh.

Over the next two years she worked tirelessly at her craft. She wrote and recorded new material, formed a rock band and played the usual haunts around town, learning the ropes and paying her dues. She had some successes including being nominated for Best Independent Pop Artist of the Year at the 2003 Los Angeles Music Awards.

A chance meeting that same year at the famed industry hangout Dan Tana’s would change her life forever. Introduced by a mutual friend, the 23-year-old small town girl and hopeful singer spent the next several hours in deep conversation with one of music’s most renowned producers. She had no idea who he was or that he would soon be indicted for a murder that dominated headlines for the next few years.

“We talked about religion, politics, he told jokes, stories about his past, growing up, normal getting-to-know-you questions,” Rachelle says of that first meeting. “But the most important thing was a comment he made: ‘Timing is everything.’ That has stuck with me till this day.” We share common interests, a love of music, people, life, old films, a strong work ethic, even certain mannerisms.”

The pair married three years later in September 2006 and soon after started working on Rachelle’s debut CD, Out Of My Chelle, released in 2010. It was Phil’s first record that he produced in more than 30 years. The album was available in Best Buy stores, which is an accomplishment in and of itself for a new artist, and the album obtained millions of impressions worldwide with all of the media attention, thus setting a solid platform for her next release this spring, PS I Love You.

Later this spring, Rachelle will release a new 5 song EP, which includes the single, PS I Love You, which she wrote with co-writer and producer Chris Seefried (Fitz and The Tantrums), PS I love You is essentially a love song from Rachelle to her husband. Beautiful, yet haunting lyrics depict two profoundly tragic moments of the producer’s life, the deaths of his father and his son. Purposely, sounding reminiscent of Phil’s “wall of sound”, the song is a tribute to her husband. In fact, the entire EP will pay homage to her husband. These songs were inspired by letters written back and forth between Rachelle and Phil, which also form the basis of the musical being developed under the same name, “P.S. I Love You”. On top of the musical she is in the beginning stages of writing her own book.

Rachelle offers this take on the creation of PS I Love You. “I would always sing To Know Him Is To Love Him to Phil and I wanted to do something that paid homage to Phillip’s losses. Through this song, I wanted to humanize Phil and show compassion to him as a person who has dealt with a tremendous amount of loss in his life, but was able to achieve so much. And if people only knew him like I do, they would love him too.” PS I Love You will be released through Genius 4Ever Records, the same label that released “Out Of My Chelle”.

In addition to her music, Rachelle stays focused on the other key missions in her life: working on the continued legal proceedings on behalf of her husband including the federal appeal (she obtained an investigator’s license to aid in these efforts and earned her pilots license in order to shorten the commute), she serves as VP and CFO of all of Phil’s music companies and manages his estate. She is a devoted animal lover and works with the ASPCA and her local humane society. She has plenty of four-legged companions including three dogs, two cats and an iguana to keep her spirits up. She’s environmentally conscious and tries to live as “green” a life as possible, she’s addicted to HGTV and rolls up her own sleeves on various home improvements. She also loves to cook.

Rachelle tries to spend every possible minute she is allowed visiting with Phil either in person or by phone. “My husband is extremely proud of how much I have grown as a person and an artist,” she says emphatically, “plus I have stuck by his side for almost 10 years and I plan on continuing to do so.”

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