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#whatsyourword - My word is #BELIEF ... For a very long time I struggled with myself & to be honest at times I still do.. I needed everyone else's approval before I felt okay... I always second guessed & doubted everything that I did & wondered if I would ever be good enough.. I finally made a promise that I would believe in MYSELF at all times & trust that every decision, every note that I sing, & every mistake that I make is for a purpose... I wear my @myintent Necklace with my word as a constant reminder of what I want to live by. If You Believe In Yourself, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE" Thank you @chrispan for bringing the @myintent project into my life... If you would like a @myintent necklace or bracelet of your own, be sure to check out www.myintent.org and use discount code "7East" for 20% off ❤️ #love


.. Thanks for the love Teen.com !!!


If you are an aspiring dancer or artist & you haven't signed up for @j_r_o_s 's webinar today, I strongly suggest that you do now at http://www.whosay.com/l/PHOa0Ca


Proud of this guy! New or aspiring talent Sign up now !! @j_r_o_s Webinar THIS Wednesday 5pm PST/ 8pm EST .. http://www.whosay.com/l/SzS9ZTF !! #jimmyrosmith #jros #artistdevelopment #mcm #mce


I am so proud of my girl @Naima_Adedapo .. One of the hardest working, beautiful & insane…

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