ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 14, 2014
BORN: November 1
HEIGHT: 5'10"

#NationalComingOutDay where's your #weareyou shirt? Watch the vid, support LGBT & ignore my beard: selfevidentproject.com/about


MOTHXR at home in NYC. Brooklyn // Friday @ midnite. Music begins 10pm.


Last night @ Deaf Institute. TONIGHT we play London @ Boston Music Room. Doors @ 7pm. We are MOTHXR.


This is Har Mar Superstar. He's pretty fucking bad ass, and we're opening for him TONIGHT in Bristol at the Exchange. Doors @ 7:30!


To be clear, extra crystal, my band's name, MOTHER, is changing, but only the spelling. Same word, same idea, same pronunciation. Simply put: MOTHXR. Twitter/Instagram handles: @MOTHXR. If you were already following us, you're already following @MOTHXR like magic. If you want to spread the word, include the X. All info and tickets can be found at www. M O T H X R .com (we are working on Soundcloud, Spotify & iTunes. Those remain as they were.)


Here's a link to tickets for the first Mother shows in England, Sep 16-19 http://www.whosay.com/l/sPg96nA

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