ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 23, 2011
BORN: January 25, 1985
HEIGHT: 6'1"
More About Me

Thank you to my dentist Mr. Bob Bonahoom in Foster city,Ca for always doing an incredible job!!!!!


A fun of day of fishing with my buddy @andresmendivil and his dog Max. Max had my full attention the whole time. I kept on trying to figure out how the dog was so calm on a bass boat!!! Lol Smh #goodtimes #fishing


Went fishing yesterday, and of course I out fished my homie. Lol every time he asked what I was fishing with I would say a worm, but I was actually drop-shoting it! #fishermanlol #bassmasterclassicimonmyway #jk


Good Friday to all! I know for a lot of you today is the last work day of the week. That's a good feeling if u really earned it but I'm still too hungry and the only way I have known that it's ok to eat and really appreciate it is if u have earned it, so everyday in some form of my life I'm gonna be HUNGRY and that's ok b/c that's how I live, so do what works for you! Well you all have a blessed and safe weekend! #AlwaysBelieve #LetsGo!


Earlier before my workout I was mentally getting my mind right And something old but true hit me...in life u can't make everyone happy, you truly just have to do what makes you happy and the true ppl around you will be happy b/c u are happy


Good times with, my brother from another mother; @Anubhatnagar and this guy @oreywillis5 my blood, my brother, my best friend. Anytime I get to be around him, I feel like his big bro from way back when he would constantly be next to me, trying to do everything I did and I would be so mad cuz he would get on my nerves. But now, I wish I could spend almost everyday around him. Lol......@kre8tivemind thanks for the hospitality. #goodtimes #alwaysbelieve #vegas