ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 23, 2011
BORN: January 25, 1985
HEIGHT: 6'1"
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Another day! Another opportunity! Another blessing! In all, situations are blessings and lessons . It is what u chose to see them as, to me I see them as both positive! Oh n the youngster in here working as well @neko_suave #49ers #Quest4six #alwaysbelieve #blessed #willnotbedefeated


If U are committed U will do whatever is necessary to see it through. Ive been committed since the 6th grade. God has brought me too far to fail. #Quest4six #49ers #alwaysbelieve #blessed


it's almost that time! Thanks to @samijenks23 for the nice suit! #nowordsneeded #blessed #alwaysbelieve


Rise n shine time to get after it! My Wise words n focus for the week! To have greatness takes a whole lot of sacrifices, so my question to you is what's more important being average n mediocre or greatness. I choose to dedicate my time n efforts to greatness! As hard as it is to achieve I think when u find something or someone that gives u that feeling, it just feels right even when it doesn't look right! "Greatness is not easy, but it can be achieved its a matter of will" I will get there one day! Have a great day all!


Hanging Out with my niece yesterday and she let me know real quick that she likes yum yum yogurt! Every bite she wanted but I couldn't let that happen bc I love it too☺️. Unconditional love at its finest! @ernickawillis #family #blessed


Win, lose or draw I give God all the Praise Glory and Honor! Oh!Oh! And! I still ride with my Teammates! Back to work tomorrow to be better this coming Sunday then we were today! #blessed #AlwaysBelieve

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