ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 23, 2011
BORN: January 25, 1985
HEIGHT: 6'1"
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This morning i woke up strong and now I'm stronger: The Power of Vision and Responsibilit…


Crawfish and shrimp together are always Good eatings! Amen ! #AlwaysBelieve #HumbleButHungry


Today Is an amazing day as everyday is However today is a very very special day. I Just wanted to say Thank You to Eren Niazi owner and founder of Open Source Storage for allowing me the opportunity to continue my growth in life! Although this is a different side, it still demands the mind of mine along with others who I look forward to developing and growing with in the future. God is Good! #OSS #OSGE #WorkEthic #AlwaysBelieve #HumbleButHungry #Jeremiah29:11💨🔥💪🙏 Lord:I give you all the Praise, Glory, and Honor. http://www.whosay.com/l/pSEartW @ErenNiazi


Take from this what you may! In other words. To each is his or her own! …


Just wanted to say good morning to you all🌞, while having a lil breakfast made by @cgarcia1034😋...I've learned that the biggest enemy to man is Ignorance: which to me is the Lack of Knowledge that you and or I choose not to know! So learn to understand what you know, so u can learn what you don't know📕📖📝🔐🔥🙇🔓🌟😊! Ps @abbyfgarcia your husband can cook. #Knowledge #Wisdom #AlwaysBelieve #HumbleButHungry #Proverbs19:21


I was out fishing today in Mississippi with my Good Friend @cgarcia1034 and I saw this and a few thoughts came to my head: I could ignore this Beauty of Nature or I could jump in this beautiful water and try to be a fish, which is impossible or I can walk the Path of Faith believing as I always have with my head held high understanding that God who Created this beautiful sky has brought me this far for a Great Purpose! #CalmBeforeTheStorm #AlwaysBelieve #HumbleButHungry #Joshua1:5

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