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BORN: April 23
HEIGHT: 5'7"
Significant Other: Forrest Kolb
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 27, 2011

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  • my nickname at school was
  • I'm very ticklish :-)
  • I love
  • I believe in love at first sight
  • I'm very good at ping pong


Patricia Manterola is undoubtedly one of Mexico’s stars with a major international presence thanks to her talent, charisma and sex

Bertha Patricia Manterola Carrión was born in Mexico City the 23rd of April, she is a Taurus. She was a little girl, when she started to show her strong interest in show business, especially in music. She was 8 years old when she played one of the main roles in "Anita la Huerfanita” (Annie) in Mexico City. She was 12 when she participated in “Juguemos a cantar” (Let's play singing) a music festival for kids. Her performance led to her first album, recorded with the festival finalists. Patricia studied dance and singing for several years.

In 1989, she was introduced to Luis de Llano, a Mexican producer, who invited her to join the band “Garibaldi”. The band traveled throughout Latin America, the United States and Europe. They reached unimaginable goals, and obtained multiple Golden and Platinum awards. With Garibaldi, Patricia rolls her first movie “Dónde quedó la bolita”.

In 1994, in a moving farewell at the Acapulco Festival 94 after five years of being part of Garibaldi, Patricia announced her departure from the band to start a new career as a solo artist, her lifetime dream. The response of her fans was immediate and her first album “Hambre de Amor” became a success.

In 1995 she plays the leading role in the soap opera “Acapulco, cuerpo y alma” broadcasted to over 63 countries. She gets the TV y Novelas award for New Actress of the Year for this role.

In 1996 she releases her second album “Niña Bonita” (Pretty girl). It exceeds the success of the first one and receives numerous awards. Ever since, Patricia has been called “Mexico’s pretty girl.” In 1997 she plays the leading role in the soap opera “Gente Bien” and rolled the film “Souvenir”.

In 1998 she moves to Los Angeles, where she learns English.
There, she starts on the difficult road to the world of movies. She gets one of the main roles in “Ángeles”, a Spanish version of the TV show
“Charlie’s Angels”. Also in 1998, Patricia launches her third album “Quiero más” and becomes the spokesperson for “Andrea”, the most important Mexican shoe brand.

In 2000 she makes two movies: “City of Lost Souls” in Japan with the renowned film director Takeshi Mike, and “Hazzard in Hollywood” an HBO movie based on the Dukes of Hazzard original series. That same year, she joins the original members of Garibaldi to record a double CD and participate in the important tour “Reunión 10.” In 2001 Patricia returns to the USA to play a leading role in the film “Carman the Champion.”
After this period acting in movies, Patricia Manterola returns to the music world as a star with her fourth album entitled “Que el ritmo no pare” released on March, 2002. The album was also released in English under the title “The Rhythm.” In a few weeks, the main theme of “Que el ritmo no pare” reaches the first places in popularity in Latin America, Europe and the United States.
The song is selected to be the official theme of the “Vuelta Ciclista a España 2002”, as well as the official theme for the broadcasting of “The
World Soccer Cup Korea-Japan 2002” in Latin America. The English version, “The Rhythm” becomes the official theme of Formula 1 “European Grand Prix”. The sales of this album reached over half a million copies and opened major European markets for Patricia, such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
That same year, Patricia was appointed as the image of “Bally Total Fitness”, the largest gym chain in the United States.

Devoted to her career as Patricia has been, she also has an important altruistic side. That is why organizations like PETA, whose motto is: “Even the most exotic animals deserve to live in freedom” gave her the coveted PETA Humanitarian Award for her outstanding work to stop animal
Suffering. Patricia has also been involved in projects like “The last good bye” produced by Emilio Estefan to honor the victims of September 11.
In mid-September, 2003, Patricia tapes the new advertising campaign for the American soft drink Dr. Pepper, both in English and Spanish. The spot is launched in early 2004 with very good reviews.

In 2004, “Déjame volar” is released in Mexico and the United States, a huge satisfaction for Patricia. She is honored by including her handprints on the Paseo de las Luminarias, so they will always remain in Mexican soil. But that was not all, she was chosen as the official image of the internationally renowned “Festival Acapulco 2004” where she was also the hostess and singer of the official theme.
Televisa also chose Patricia to be the image and singer of the “Athens 2004 Olympic Games” official theme song. In the summer of 2004, Patricia launches the single “Castígame” followed by a Summer Concert Tour in Spain. Her song becomes #1 in Spain’s Cadena Dial.
In November of the same year, Patricia Manterola is a special guest at the “Oprah Winfrey Show”, the most watched TV show in the USA.

During 2004 and 2005 Patricia plays the leading role in the prime time soap opera “Apuesta por un Amor” with Televisa. In a few weeks the show became number one for the Mexican audience. This soap opera has been broadcasted in over 70 countries . In 2005, Univisión broke the record ratings in the USA with “Apuesta por un Amor” being one of Univisión’s most successful soap operas. Also in 2005, Patricia is once again selected as the image, voice and hostess of the prestigious “Acafest 2005”.

In 2006 Patricia Manterola was the image for “Head and Shoulders” and “Maseca” while working full time in the release and promotion of her record “A mis reinas”, a tribute to the great Latina singers of the eighties, which was followed by a concert tour in Mexico, the USA and Spain.

In 2007, Patricia was busy acting. She played leading roles in the romantic comedy “Mi Novia está de Madre” filmed in the Dominican Republic and in the soap opera “Destilando Amor”. That same year marks her debut as an entrepreneur with the launching of her fashion line “B-Good”.

However, Patricia’s most important project in 2007 was the creation of the “Baja una Estrella” foundation, a non profit organization devoted to help
people in need, working in conjunction with other celebrities and the public and private sectors. About this project, Patricia stated: “This is the most important role I have ever played. I am positive it will also be the most rewarding. In only a few months of operation, “Baja una Estrella” has carried out a number of activities aimed at bringing aid where it is needed the most. On the date of its inauguration ceremony, the foundation responded to 10 requests for aid with donations that ranged from wheelchairs, hearing aids and prosthesis to financial aid for homeless children shelters, among other. The foundation also joined efforts with the humanitarian relief agencies that worked in the State of Tabasco, and delivered 1240 pairs of shoes for the victims of the terrible flood that swept the area. Last Christmas, in conjunction with Fundación Pinta México, “Baja una Estrella” delivered over 6,000 toys to children in the poorest neighborhoods of the Mexico City Metropolitan Area.
Recently, Patricia Manterola and her foundation “Baja una Estrella” acted as liaison between the Government of the State of Mexico and the actor Jaime Camil to make an official spot for the state. This type of activity fits perfectly with the foundation’s main objectives, among which is fund raising.

In November 2008 Patricia was the main female host of the “Latin Grammys” together with Cristian de la Fuente.

By mid 2009, Patricia played the role of Maria in the American film “The Perfect Game”. Though this is not her first role in an English language movie, it is her first role in a film to be distributed worldwide.

In 2010 Patricia launched her seventh album “Ya Termine” (I’m Done), which marked her debut as a lyricist penning all songs on the CD. The album reached #1 and the song "Ya Termine" was ranked in the top 20 of the club and dance charts in Mexico. The video for the single “Gracias” (Thank You) won “The Crystal Screen Award” for best post- production and visual effects.
The song “Y Llegaras” (You Will Arrive) was chosen by Telemundo to be the theme of their telenovela “El Fantasma de Elena” (The Ghost of Elena.)
Also in 2010, Patricia became a judge for the hit reality show "Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento”, the Spanish version of “America’s Got Talent” which airs in the U.S. on Estrella TV. Patricia also starred in the hit Colombian series "El Cartel de los Sapos 2”, where she played the role of Andrea Negrete, a powerful Mexican drug lord who controls the links between the cartels in Mexico and Colombia, her performance was regarded by critics as one of the best of her career and earned her a nomination for “Premios TV y Novelas” in Colombia.

At the end of the year she married the entrepreneur and bioengineer Forrest Kolb, “I finally found my soul partner to walk with for the rest of my life,” she declared to the media after the magical ceremony in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

In 2011 Patricia signed on for a second season of "Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” and launched her own daily talk show "Patty" for Estrella TV.

In 2012 Patricia and Forrest welcomed their first child Lucca in a natural water birth in their home in Los Angeles, “this is without a doubt the most incredible, powerful, spiritual experience of my life” Patricia shared with her thousands of followers on twitter and facebook.

At the end of 2012 Patricia signed on to host “Mi sueño es Bailar”
the Spanish version of “Dancing with the Stars”. She also hosted “Premios de la Radio 2013” (The Radio Awards 2013) held at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles.

In February 2013 Patricia and Forrest shared in an exclusive with Hello
Magazine their second pregnancy announcing they are expecting twin boys this July. Patricia continued hosting the new season of “Mi Sueño es Bailar” while pregnant. In July Patricia and Forrest welcomed their twin boys Alesso and Matteo.

For more information:
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