ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 4, 2014
HEIGHT: 5'5"
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I've decided that porridge is alright..Used to think it's boring but I've been swayed...P…

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THANK YOU to the best team in the world !!! Early birthday #Cake @PrincessofPop @Posh_Faye @djryanarnold @XtianSmith @paulphelps @c_s_nicoll @AshleyBard @mrbenjaminryder @beccaashtweets and loads loads more I can't fit you all in this tweet !!! Thank you @CapitalOfficial #selfie


Loving the fact that it's started getting warmer .... It's amazing what a bit of sun does…

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Since moving I have seen soooo many foxes.....BIG ones ... They're sooo beautiful ! This isn't my picture BUT look how cute they look.. The ones I've seen are way bigger than this one ...


Morning 👊☀️👍👌 good night last night??


Ok..... Please take a look at my fingers .... It's ok you can be honest ........ They're soooooo long .... Look at that middle one ?!?!

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