ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 2, 2012
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RIP my friend, Louis Bell - A inspiration to Sea Shepherd and one of our biggest supporters - I was not keen to really explore how I felt about this because I couldn't really believe it. I also wanted to be respectful to the family as well. I was not in the mood the last few days to do much social media and I felt quietly upset at the news I just couldn't quite believe. It did not surprise me I was upset, and although I didn't see Louis too often, we always instantly got on when we did see each other and he was just a pure genuine soul that called a spade a spade and kept many of us grounded. Louis was a good friend and sometimes even better, a good critic. I often reflected on things he said and I think he helped many of us improve despite at the time we may have had a different view point and in that he was a true honest friend. He and I got on from the beginning. Like many of us I was introduced to him at the stall and straight away he made me feel comfortable and part of something special. In the early years I invited Louis and the Sea Shepherd Perth Chapter and crew to my apartment in the city for a BBQ where I learned more about his generous side. Even though he looked and sounded like a gruff ole fella, Louis was a total softie. I was struck by how generous he was with everything he had, highlighted by his adopting of children in need. The commitments he made were for life. The more layers that were peeled away, the more a generous, gentle, big giant was revealed. We had some fun antics and banter. I recall a time when we had a witty exchange on social media that people thought was serious. He and I chuckled like kids at the aghast reactions our banter was getting from concerned staff and supporters, but he and I knew it was just for larks. I will miss these exchanges and his spark. Sadly I will be overseas and will not be able to attend his funeral but I firmly believe many of the Sea Shepherd family will be there and I'll certainly be there in spirit and will fondly remember the times I had with that gentle giant. My condolences go to Alice and his family.


@whosay A total success! So we had a successful opening of the @seashepherd HQ today by Alex Cornelissen, @CaptPaulWatson and special guest Rutger Hauer. The Skype call with Captain Paul was somewhat nerve wrecking for me as that was my job and as we all know technology can be temperamental at best. Thankfully it worked just fine apart from the total crash 5 mins before Paul had to speak. No pressure....Anyway, was wonderful to catch up and meet so many faces I know and have respect for. (Too many to name here!) People put up with my cool Sea Shepherd bow tie, because as well all know, Bow Ties are cool. Gary Stokes (who I must thank for taking the Rutger photos!) kept nagging me where to buy the neck ties, such a groupie. har har We all had a good night and my highlights were meeting everyone, drinking some 18 year old rum and meeting Rutger whom I've always admired plus it's always good to hear from Paul. #RutgerHauer #BladeRunner #SeaShepherd


At the Directors meeting in France Gary Stokes​​ starts negoitations with the IT department about Sea Shepherd Global new Sea Shepherd Dive website. You could say I was choked by stokes!


Got my @seashepherd @wearetiedtogether bow tie cause as @bbcdoctorwho used to say, "bow ties are cool". ;-) get yours at http://www.whosay.com/l/EyE9nmE RT!


Sometimes its the small victories that can perk you up. We had a little victory overnight. X Factor were doing a feature next week on dolphins and we ran a little social media campaign which reached Simon Cowell and he agreed to "pull" this segment from his show. Minimal Effort, maximum result. Maybe drop by his social pages and offer a thankyou?" - Technical Director, Sea Shepherd Global Special thank you goes to @donna_ip who pushed this hard and to @theshando #XFactor #XFactorUK #SeaShepherd #simoncowell #simoncowellonline


"Umm oops, did I just hit something?!" on the @MYSteveIrwin Bridge :-) @whosay #hadalittlefun

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