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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 20, 2012


rom a distinctive moniker and an undeniable sense-of-humor to his refreshing approach to music in general, Nuk Grissle has always been ahead of his time and a one-of-a-kind personality. “My grandmother told my mama ‘this is my little Nuk-Nuk’ but I dropped the second Nuk as I got a little older. My Cuban homies added the Grissle when they saw me chewin’ the fat off some ribs and it stuck ever since!” Born in Hinesville, GA, Charles Lowery Jr. quickly became “Nuk-Nuk” as soon as his doting grandmother laid eyes on him. The Lowery clan would relocate to Sanford, FL within a year of his birth and it was there that Nuk would begin a lifelong love-affair with all-things music. Church attendance provided Nuk’s earliest musical outlet including choir at age 5 and picking up the drums at age 7. However, it was his older brother’s penchant for DJing that ultimately captivated Nuk and introduced him to acts like Das EFX, Brand Nubian, and Leaders of the New School. Seminole High School provided an additional performing outlet through Drama and Public Speaking classes as Nuk Grissle excelled on the basketball court and remained one of the most popular students. “My teachers always told me I had the gift of gab, but would also tell me I played around too much. I didn’t keep books in my book bag, I kept a boombox and packs of batteries inside.”
Although Nuk wrote his first rap at the age of 10, it was repeated plays of Mystikal’s Mind of Mystikal LP and artists like Andre 3000, Ludacris, and MJG that helped him cultivate his animated rhyme-style. After a two-year unfinished stint at Tallahassee Community College, Nuk Grissle’s attention shifted to street-money and recording music full-time. Despite opening for the largest hip-hop acts that came to Tallahassee, it wasn’t long before the hustle caught up and Federal Task Forces came down on his crew. Emerging from his legal situations relatively unscathed, Nuk began to approach music with a renewed sense of passion and soon found himself recording in Miami with super producer Jim Jonsin (T.I., Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy) in 2005. Witnessing Jonsin create future radio-smashes like Jamie Foxx’s “Unpredictable” and Twista’s “Girl Tonite”, Nuk Grissle learned that success was not only achievable, but realistic. Applying this attitude with Key Entertainment co-founders Bruce and Commercial Corey, Nuk began to make noise of his own with the 2009 song “Pretty Girl”, an ode to beautiful women that earned him fans, shows, and overall recognition. After linking up with rising Orlando superstar P.I. Bang in 2010 for the insanely-catchy “5 In The Morning”, Nuk Grissle and Key Entertainment pressed up 10,000 copies for a FL promo run with CSR Promotions.
Now an established name with a growing fan base, Nuk aims to go the extra mile for his listeners and explains that his music knows no limits: “I can do whatever I want with my music because I’m not trying to give you a persona. Good music ain’t dead. You can take time and give the people something extra- not just an album with 2 good songs!” Learning from music through every step of his life, Nuk Grissle is a name you can’t forget and a lyrical presence you will be sure to remember.

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