ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 24, 2012
BORN: June 4, 1981
Significant Other: K8
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Download 2014's #smallest #indie #arthouse film- @transformers Age Of Extinction Digital …


Please read in entirety. @rosepetalpistol : ....but we didn't even really know it then and we weren't even really together. But we were all twelve years and before and in between since you weren't away I thought it was gone stay with me let me kiss you. Let me show you how calm this moment can be in it's nothing and everything. All at once. Don't go. Don't ever go. @nottjmiller : I haven't gone, I've just begun. Just be a gun-- be a pistol, if you must a rose petal-- but strike hard. Harder than me, the hardest of them all. And I can't begin until you're there, like an audience member or smaller part in play, the playful life you make play full of life, and play-- waiting for a starlet to arrive that is only you. So I can't have left, since I just arrived, and I've been here before. And we will, we will to will to die. We will die. But on and on we live, and autocorrext thinks I mean "love", and I do, on and on we love-- far after we are gone.


It's me and @Morganmiller17 having a REGULAR, COMMON, morning breakfast in NEW. YORK.


#Gregs & #Craigs come see my sister @Morganmiller17 and I make complete fools out of ours…


Things got REAL & #RAW (Like @WWE) on #mydiningroomtable podcast w/ #Denver #Thug @CaytonHolland. LISTEN HERE KIDS --> http://www.whosay.com/l/asQ9acA


Holy smokes ARIZONA I COME SMOKE OUT THE LOSERS THIS WEEK @houseofcomedyaz w @CashLevy & @cashinginwithtj pod taping! http://www.whosay.com/l/iVr99U5 get serious and go!

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