ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 9, 2012
HEIGHT: 5'6"

Yupp. This happened.


#FBF to #NewZealand with the gang. Some smiling. Some scared. About to do the dumbest and yet funnest thing ever.


The Vampire Diaries

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Yes. All the time. #regram @fuckjerry


Yo!!! Do you want to be flown to Los Angeles with a friend, picked up by Aaron in some sort of vehicle and put up in a fancy hotel with room service and butlers and stuff and then be the guest of honor at a private dinner party with me, @juleshough, @helloimarielle, @GlassOfWhiskey, @mollymaethomps and @laurenpaul8 ? Donate $10 or more to @kindcampaign now by texting KIND to 41444 (U.S. phone carriers only) or at kindcampaign.com/givekind (U.S. or international) to be entered! The DEADLINE is Jan 31st! That's TWO DAYS from now. It's your LAST CHANCE! @kindcampaign will announce the winner the first week of February! Thank you all for the loving support you constantly give to Kind. Can't tell you how much we appreciate it. Hope to see you at the dinner table. Ps. Aaron PROMISES to give you a signed Breaking Bad script ....because he knows you want one ;) Xo Kind Girl (because it's so much cooler than being a Gossip Girl )

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