ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 25, 2011
BORN: May 17, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California
HEIGHT: 5'5"
Significant Other: Paul McDonald
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Behind the scenes pic from my @nylonmag shoot yesterday talking about life, food, film, writing, the @wwaystation and my new song "Fly With You"!!! http://www.whosay.com/l/nBa9GJJ #waykeupthewaystation THANK YOU all for your positivity and unwavering support- it means the world to me. You're the best!!!!


THIS is how excited I am that "Fly With You" is up on iTunes! Here's the link! http://www.whosay.com/l/GFl9GAl


In Your Eyes

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It's up! If you want to know a little more about my personal connection to music, check out this piece I wrote on www.ryot.org THANK YOU @ryotnews for allowing me to share, and supporting not just the song but the @wwaystation as well!


Shared the stage yesterday at #FusionRiseUp with three incredibly inspiring individuals, @dawnolivieri @irisand @brynmooser, to talk about finding and sharing your passions, using social media for social change and rejecting the notion that the exploration of different passions simultaneously can inhibit one's focus. Be the author of your own story, find things that move you and then, when you know what resonates with you, go beyond a RT, a Like, a share, a "click"...


Learn more about my friend Erica Greve and @UHeroes--how they're ending human trafficking…

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