ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 25, 2011
BORN: May 17, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California
HEIGHT: 5'5"
Significant Other: Paul McDonald
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Thank you thank you thank you @yahoostyle for a great shoot today! That was some pretty incredible wardrobe I must say! Can't wait to see it!


Help us find her! Last seen in NYC midtown/east village. She belongs to a friend! RT please!!!


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Just finished watching a profoundly moving documentary on animal abuse called Give Me Shelter. This particular film is so impactful and so educational as it tackles almost every category of animal issues/abuse: from puppy mills to elephant poaching, skinning Tigers to Circus', testing on chimpanzees to eating horses. It uncovers the truth behind where fur comes from and the killing of almost 90% of our sharks for their fins. YES it's uncomfortable. YES it made me cry. YES it's excruciatingly painful. But how can we create awareness and inspire change without information? How can we push for new legislation without knowledge? We must be informed, we must stare these ugly truths in the face so we can recognize the need for our collective voice to finally be heard. That includes you guys! I am so livid, so distraught so outraged by what I've just seen. I thought I was relatively knowledgable about what was going on behind the scenes of this 10 billion dollar industry - an industry that promotes the most vial of human behavior - but this doc just proved to me that I am far less informed than I realized. Please, if you have a heart, watch this film. But more importantly, use this film as a reference next time you’re thinking about buying a puppy from a pet store, or a piece of ivory for your coffee table. The next time you go to buy something with fur, or ingest a product that was initially tested on animals, DO YOUR HOMEWORK first! If you can stomach the reality of its origin, then your heart is far more durable than a human being’s should be. @GiveMe_Shelter is now available on @iTunesMovies http://www.whosay.com/l/wWDacUN Give Me Shelter Trailer: http://www.whosay.com/l/brIacUO


When I was growing up, I don't remember the word "organic" being used to describe food. Either everything was assumed to be organic so the word hadn't developed its popularity, or we simply didn't have organic produce available to us. I suppose it's a bit of both. Today, every time I eat a meal, the quality of my food is all I think about. I want to know where my food comes from, don't you? I want to understand exactly what I'm putting into my body, as I've seen and felt - firsthand - both the benefits and consequences of what I eat. There's this misconception that you have to have money to eat healthy. This isn't entirely inaccurate if you're doing all your shopping at Whole Foods. But the truth is, there are plenty of ways to add organic/clean/raw as well as pesticide/hormone/antibiotic-free produce to your diet. Checking out your local farmers market is one way; you can have an actual conversation with the person who cultivated the items you want to buy. Cool, right? Or better yet, make your own garden and grow some of your own produce. When I lived in a one-bedroom apartment, I found a way to make a wall garden. Taking the reins when it comes to the food you consume is completely doable if you're willing to get a tiny bit creative. Being thoughtful about your diet can even be fun. We live in a country that has made it seemingly unaffordable to eat healthy because we don't provide people with enough information about where to get food or strategies for smart shopping. We are feeding the corporations instead of the people. Let's pay local farmers instead of doctors. And remember when you buy organic, you're automatically buying non-GMO's (genetically modified organisms). I hope you know that I write about these issues because I care; because I want to share what I've learned, and because when I was young, I didn't have anyone telling me what was really going on. I am currently working on something very special that will solve a lot of these issues and answer a lot of these questions. I can't wait to share it with you guys.


Today on huffpo. Love everything about this woman's vision, and the beautiful message behind these images. What she captured is so simple yet so profound. Beauty is everywhere... Photographer Mihaela Noroc sought to capture that when she quit her job in Romania and set out for a journey around the world, armed with only a backpack and camera. The 29-year-old photographed hundreds of women. She traveled to 37 countries, snapping portraits of women in locations from the Amazon rainforest to an Iranian mosque to downtown New York. The photos came together in a collection titled "The Atlas of Beauty," meant to be a "mirror of our diverse societies and an inspiration for people to remain authentic." "Now I can say that beauty is everywhere, and it's not a matter of cosmetics, money, race or social status, but more about being yourself," she wrote in a description of the series sent to The Huffington Post. "Global directions make us look and behave the same, but we are all beautiful because we are different. In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is always somebody else." http://www.whosay.com/l/pwnablB

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