ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 25, 2011
BORN: May 17, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California
HEIGHT: 5'5"
Significant Other: Paul McDonald
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Two flights and 130 miles left of driving until I reach the front door of the little girl who was brave enough to start a petition in the name of her dog Zeus, pleading for the government to repeal their Breed Specific Legislation. In this case the BSL stated that any pit bull or Rottweiler had to be removed from the home and disposed of. Through social media, O'Hara's petition was brought to my attention and I was immediately brainstorming ways to make sure this law, this clear oversight, was stopped. I contacted Michelle Cho @chomatic from @hsus who put the organization's legal team in action, and here we are just two weeks later celebrating the repeal! I am so proud of O'hara for telling her story and using her voice in a way that was so impactful. Her bravery and activism proves that one voice CAN make a difference no matter where you are or how old you are.


Check this out! Because of the repeal in Moreauville, another city is considering reversing their breed specific ban! So awesome - this ripple effect http://www.whosay.com/l/JkT9R2X


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Tonight we celebrate my Dec cover story in @Ladygunn magazine and launching the #WaykeUp campaign to raise money and awareness for @WWaystation! To download the issue go to http://www.whosay.com/l/Moc9QjM and www.WAYKEUP.com to buy the T- shirt by @Wildfoxcouture, 100% of proceeds go to the cause. Please repost and help me spread the word!


I could not be happier about today. Picking up some of my fosters from @BarknBitches to go do a photo shoot for the @HumaneSociety to help spread awareness on how to train and manage the personality of a pitbull. Regardless of how incredible these creatures are, and they truly are, some do require a specific kind of training and it does them a huge disservice to deny that. My goal is to help raise money and awareness surrounding this breed so we can one day put to bed all of the misconceptions and handle any of the behavioral issues IF your dog needs a little extra help. Let's start this dialogue. Pitbulls ARE amazing dogs, but unfortunately some have been bred for fighting and therefore some of them do have issues. This is a problem that we should address, not ignore, because the fact is, the majority of them are sweet, kind, loving creatures but aren't even given the chance to show it because the breed has such a bad reputation. So my approach? Let's educate people on how to address some of these inherent issues! We are such a fear-driven culture, and it's no secret that exaggerated stories in the media have affected our ability to fully understand this breed. By raising money to fund training programs, these dogs will be given the chance they deserve and we, as humans, will have the opportunity to fully experience the love they can give. Remember these dogs were once used as "Nannies" to protect children. They are congenitally one of the most loyal and loving breeds. So let's, together, start a movement to redeem this special breed by giving them the respect that is owed to every one of Earth's amazing creatures.


Everyone meet Barney! Sweetest little boy who loves hiking, skateboarding and sharing your sandwich! PLEASE go get him If you're currently looking adopt! He is at @barkNbitches , on fairfax just below melrose in Los Angeles, a place I have fostered for and volunteered at for many years. I picked him up this morning to give him a little extra love and have him as our star for the campaign I just shot with the @humanesociety - he's an amazing boy. Needs a little help around other dogs but just looking to love and be loved. Call for more info 323.655.0155

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