ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 25, 2011
BORN: May 17, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California
HEIGHT: 5'5"
Significant Other: Paul McDonald
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No caption needed, although I feel it's the inevitable. @brynmooser and @dawnolivieri your beauty is far greater than any description I could come up with. Oh and Bryn, your poses are incredible...almost as good as Dawn's dance moves. Almost... #Unicef #Ryot


Just finished almost 7 hours of ADR for the The Sunday Horse. 115 lines and an additional 51 for VoiceOver. Guess it was quite the challenge for our sound department-in almost every scene there was a horse...or ten! Now, I need tea, a bed and a snuggle from my mama. Can't wait for you guys to see this movie!


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Blown away and inspired by all of the films on http://www.whosay.com/l/mjj9vCo Such beautiful imagery, coupled with an incredibly powerful message. We all play an important role here; the idea is to understand what that role is. My thoughts... Human beings are so consumed with themselves and owning the world, that they forget they are consuming our world. It should be viewed as a place we share, not something we own. We approach everything as if it belongs to us, which is more obvious than ever in the way we treat the planet. We think we are powerful, until nature puts us in our place. We think we are superior, until we are humbled by the lessons Mother Nature unabashedly teaches us. We think we rule the earth but the truth is our importance actually lies in our ability to recognize that we are simply a part of something greater than us. Growing up visiting my family in Hawaii, this was instilled in me at a very young age. It has and will continue to inspire me to think about the bigger picture. We are all extensions of one another. Not above it, not below it, just a part of it. Our food, our water, our health, our future, and the future of our planet are all connected to each other. We've lost sight of where our true value as humans comes into play. So maybe, the next time you want to toss some trash out your window...just...don't. Next time you feel too lazy to walk the extra two feet to the recycling bin...just do it. I tell myself these things daily. Or maybe, the next time you want to eat your third hamburger of the day, think about what it does to our planet when we consume that much. Overconsumption. Yep! We've mastered that. Environmental degradation. Yep! That one too. It's not about being perfect, it's about being aware. I am so proud of this video and it's message, and the incredible man who stands behind it. Well done @iansomerhalder - because of people like you, the world is changing for the better. (By the way, Instagram really has changed the game for those of us who previously wrote lengthy stream of consciousness, ostensibly unedited posts on blogs...thanks insta!)


G'bye New York City. Thanks for this. Ps you're beautiful. Windy, smelly and beautiful.

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