ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 9, 2011
BORN: April 19, 1980
BIRTHPLACE: San Jose, California
HEIGHT: 6'2"
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Today is 1 month that Chloe has been born. Time flies!


DriveHealthandFitness.com Time to workout. Best way to stay focused and positive is when …


Ghost Adventures

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Releasing stress. At Vertical Dreams in Manchester, NH training hard! Staying positive.


This morning my dog, Coco passed away. Through the good & bad times Coco was always there by my side. An amazing spirit. I held him as he took his last breathe. He's in a better place now, not suffering in the physical body anymore. Coco's energy was positively strong and he will always be by my side. In Life we connect with other energies that cross paths with us, I'm happy to say Coco was a spirit that brought love and joy into this world and our paths crossed for that reason. Coco helped guide me to be a better human being. He will truly be missed, but never forgotten.


Extremely sad right now....Rushed Coco, my 13yr old springer spaniel to the emergency. He's slowly ending his life journey. My best friend

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