ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 24, 2014

I'm starting to think that Kaepernick's favorite wide receiver is Sherman. That was aweso…

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Look at these two cuties. And I'm definitely not standing on a stool in this picture. Go follow him! @madammcmarthur


Happy birthday Laura! You're 13 now. That means you're a teenager. So, it's all down hill from here. Love ya!


I can't wait to vote when I turn 18. Not because I think I can make a difference, it's be…


Had a fabulous time talking to the students of Concordia Lutheran School. Big thanks to Sue Acuna for setting it all up!


I'm loving the confused stares I get from my family members when I sing Bosom Buddies extremely loud. And if anyone wants to know what talent looks like, I highly suggest seeing the No One Is Alone show at St. Luke's church in Federal Way. It includes, amazing singers, an epic band, a great director, and two of the best spotlight operators in the business! First show is this Saturday at 7:30 pm! Go see it!

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