ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 24, 2014

Look at these two cuties. And I'm definitely not standing on a stool in this picture. Go follow him! @madammcmarthur


My favorite part of the Winter season is waking up in the morning and picking up the slabs of ice on top of the doggy water buckets. Then chucking them at oncoming cars.


Happy birthday Laura! You're 13 now. That means you're a teenager. So, it's all down hill from here. Love ya!


I can't wait to vote when I turn 18. Not because I think I can make a difference, it's be…


Had a fabulous time talking to the students of Concordia Lutheran School. Big thanks to Sue Acuna for setting it all up!


I'm loving the confused stares I get from my family members when I sing Bosom Buddies extremely loud. And if anyone wants to know what talent looks like, I highly suggest seeing the No One Is Alone show at St. Luke's church in Federal Way. It includes, amazing singers, an epic band, a great director, and two of the best spotlight operators in the business! First show is this Saturday at 7:30 pm! Go see it!

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