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BORN: June 8
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Joan Rivers was one of my best friends and I loved her dearly. Sadly, she didn't know it, because I never told her. Instead, what I always did over the decades, was support everything Joan did. I bought her products - jewelry, make-up, clothes etc. I guess I vaguely thought she would know I was working behind the scenes for her, but of course she couldn't know that anymore than she could know I watched her on Celebrity Apprentice and cheered for her when she did well. I cried for her when her husband took his own life. I did write her about that and she responded with a sweet note. I called her a couple of times over the years and she returned my calls. Where I made my now irrevocable mistake was I never told her how much I loved everything she touched: the collections of charms, the "Do it now" and "evil eye" bracelets and matching necklace, the little bee pin, the parrot pin, all the wonderful scarves (including the shawl I gave my mother), the "bad hair day" powder, my black trench coat that I wore in Morrissey's new video, my plaid jacket she designed and so on. I loved her "keys" necklace so much I bought it for all of my girlfriends and we wore them when we got together - but I never told Joan about that and she would have loved it. I never told her how much my mother loved the beautiful shawl either and I know she would have loved that too. Everywhere I look in my home there are beautiful reminders of this very special, kind, generous, funny lady who means more to me than, sadly, she will ever know - unless there is an afterlife - and if there is you can bet I'll tell her when I see her there. The lesson in this is: If you love somebody, tell them so before it's too late. And then make 'em laugh with one of Joan's zinging one-liners. "I don't exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor." - Joan Rivers


Have you ever seen this photo by Ed Thrasher from the "Boots" shoot?


Have you ever seen this Ed Thrasher photo from the "Boots" shoot?


Getting angry now. What're they thinking up there taking our laughter away and ripping ou…

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