ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 19, 2011
BIRTHPLACE: Joliet, Illinois
Significant Other: Jodi Wolfe
More About Me

One of my favorite people, Hobo Jack. His commitment to his collection inspired me… Without him all of that incredible history would have been lost. MW


This Easter seems so much more special to me. I love seeing the world thru Charlie's eyes. She reminds me of how precious each moment can be. Happy Easter to all of you, God Bless. MW


Awesome day for a bike ride yesterday with my wife Jodi and Baby Charlie in tow. Had to make a pit stop at David Arms | Gallery in Leiper's Fork, TN. MW


Georgia Hole Hole... MW


Baby Charlie loves her 2 new rescue donkeys - Dolly and Lolli!! MW


1939 @indianmotocycle 4 Cylinder Asphalt Locomotive #motopioneer

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