ON WHOSAY SINCE: Oct 10, 2013
BORN: July 17, 1979
BIRTHPLACE: Pennsylvania
Significant Other: Courtney Vogel
More About Me

Back to the stone age. Wrote out postcards for my daughters. Felt good to write something out for a change. Flipping technology the bird.


Unbelievable day. The Great Ocean Road in Torquay, Victoria. I could do summer year round.....


@crowmedicine brought it last night! These guys are musicians at a level that you don't see too often anymore. #2fiddles


A good friend of mine reminded me of this picture. Doesn't get more LUMBERSEXUAL than this. With my good buddy Phil. #barns&bros


#UnderTheDome season 2 finale tonight. Find out who makes it, and who...... Well....you know. @UnderTheDomeCBS


Everyone say hi to the newest member of our family, my new horse Gunner! He's a mounted shooting horse! This guy's a beast!

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