ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 11, 2012
More About Me

Quick biz visit to Motown (LA) today. Saw this. Wow! MJ was so poised even as a kid. Boy king! Miss my friend. M~ #MJ


When all ice has melted, seas rise, jungles are cut & species are extinct, will corp. $greed comfort you when humanity is gone? M~ #earthday


Today is tax day & #JackieRobinson day. I'm only celebrating one. 😊 M~ #baseball #pioneer #icon #unity #payyourtaxes


I love being here more then my home. On 2nd thought, this is my home. Love what you do. You'll never work a day in your life! M~ #MondayMotivation


Of all the current artists I've worked with, Bruno Mars is one of my faves. Always nice to work with truth! M~ #tbt


Working here today I realize I've conducted, produced, and played on many records in the same room as this icon. Saw the HBO doc. I'm very blessed! I should write a book one day. M~ #Sinatra #Capitol #LiveYourBestLife

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