ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 11, 2012
More About Me

When looking in the mirror we evaluate our lives by how well we live them off the timeline! Not likes or reposts. At least we used to. . .M~


Chicago! Raised me. Capacity crowds lift me. Music sustains me! May all be inspired like me. Manifest dreams! M~ #Gratitude #Mavis #Historic


Stage today- Throwback to when men actually sang! I always love hanging with Michael McDonald. If you don't know, do some homework! M~ #tbt


" I never dreamed of success. I worked for it!" - Estée Lauder. . . Boy am I feeling it today though. No days off! Whew! M~ #HardWorkPaysOff


On stage at the office today. 125 yr old theater. Chicago! Paid my dues here. Back to reap the rewards! Blessed! M~ #LiveYourBestLife


Haven't had a day off in a very long time! Not even Sunday's! Life is amazing! Living my purpose! M~ #MondayMotivation #LiveYourBestLife

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