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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 11, 2013


Was once a model and body acceptance advocate. Now I take photos and make art so that you may get a slight glimpse into my world through my eyes. My love of the arts began at an early age, when I visited museums around the world with my mother. I recall being intrigued by the constant strangers who photographed me and my family, curious as to how we were viewed through the eyes and lenses of the public. Following a two decade career as a model, actress and television personality, I decided to rekindle my love affair with the arts in the woods of New England, where I spent my childhood. I began taking photographs and exploring ways to push the limits of my work through the use of various other materials.
My experimental approach has resulted in a strongly stylized expression that is edgy, honest, and revealing on a personal level. Through the photographs, viewers glimpse into my world, where images of past lovers float like ghosts, portraits of family and friends seem to transcend place and time, and picturesque scenes convey an eerie sense of foreboding. My body of work also explores deep themes, including the distortion of one’s own image.

if you would like to buy prints of my work please check out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BoundToThrill

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