ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 1, 2013
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Sooooooo WHILE I am waiting for these tents to be built to block the impending rain which has brought us WAY over budget. The youngest daughter insisted to dress as Pocahontas for school tomorrow morning for Halloween & wanted to drag my ass to Party City. I already sat in JoAnn Fabrics for 2 ding dang hours! We went to my house, grabbed my Moccasins, my necklace, fabric tape & at this point I pretty much found it fitting to LITERALLY took the shirt off her Daddy's back & made her a damn Pocahontas costume. HA all these years later I am STILL making Indian costumes & I am NO ONE'S mama. GOD I hope I don't have to do Burpees tomorrow. #EventLife #HustleLife #SingleServing


You don't say? #WERD! HAPPY #HumpDay


This #Gladiator made it onto another trailer for @FoodNetwork's #KitchenInferno hosted by @Curtis_Stone Premieres 11/5 at 10pm #ChefLife #SingleServing #FoodNetwork


*snort* HA! Just as I suspected. #Loubs is HATING life in his #HelloKitty #Halloween costume... #adorable! I cackled for a couple minutes & then I took it off. My poor baby. THANKS for making my day Boogerbutt #DogsLife


#Loubs is NOT going to be happy this #Halloween with this #HelloKitty #dog costume I found at the #99CentOnlyStore he has to rock.. I on the other hand am THRILLED with this!!! HA! The things I do to amuse myself #SingleServing


#OscardeLaRenta was an elegant man that saw the beauty in EVERY woman, he drew inspiration from that & created STUNNING pieces that inspired every woman wearing it or every woman that was in his presence to bask in their own beauty. If only every man looked at us the way he did? If only we looked at ourselves everyday the way he saw us? *swoon* #RIP #Timeless #Visionary

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