ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 3, 2012
BORN: August 17, 1991
More About Me

Read a Book! I was always picked on for being a book worm lol Im a book worm that can woop your a$$..just a few favs of mine no where near my full collection #MalikaiBookClub Whats your favorite book ?? #Malikai #MalikaiBookClub


RIP Robin Williams I am hurt yet again from another Suicide ,Robin Williams was one of my Theater Heroes Thank you for teaching me the art of IMPROV


Had a great Time Boston! Thank you even though i wasnt feeling good we still Slayed!


Before all the Craziness.... I enjoyed the #TeenChoiceAwards Next Year I will have a Nomination #Believe


Its more mountains to climb than clear roads to walk but either way you must go through them and overcome ! #Malikai


You can and will achieve unbelievable things if you just Work Hard and #Believe !

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