ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 3, 2012
BORN: August 17, 1991
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Thank you @Azzaro I love Azzaro Chrome its the best! Real men must always smell great! #Azarro #Malikai


Many artists who paved the way for us went broke and it wasnt their fault yet we still follow this slave ass tradition


I want all my fans to support one of my heroes the great @MuhammadAli 's Documentary "I am Ali " It is Amazing !


Before picture ....you dnt want to see the after lol !


#EndEbolaNow Please Please Read,Comment ,Like and most of all #Share this post to raise awareness to the Ebola Virus ...its many people in west Africa that are dying at a rapid rate from the Ebola virus .it is very important we tell everyone to engage in dialogue with others especially governments to help end this . Any virus can hit America,UK ,France ,or any other country from other countries dont be ignorant thinking we are soo great it can never hit us but just like Aids and HIV it Can . By helping to end ebola now we not only save lives in Africa but prevent the widespread of the virus World wide .........My African People I am with you !!! #Rebels #Malikai #EndEbolaNow


Read a Book! I was always picked on for being a book worm lol Im a book worm that can woop your a$$..just a few favs of mine no where near my full collection #MalikaiBookClub Whats your favorite book ?? #Malikai #MalikaiBookClub

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